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Animal Crossing Sparkle Island

Hi I am Jessie, this is my Animal Crossing inspired island set, it is the first Lego Idea I have ever built with the help of my Dad (he took the photos) I absolutely love Animal Crossing so I thought it would be great to have a Lego set based on my own Sparkle Island when I had my very first house and my wooden stump DIY bench all right by the beach close to the pier. 

I think it would be great if Lego made a range of Animal Crossing sets, they could come without instructions but maybe some guides so you can be super creative and make your own island, just like the real game! They could have a basic starter set to get you going, a bit like my set and then have add on packs like Nooks Cranny, the museum, character sets with their own houses and maybe even blind bag blister packs with mystery items you can collect. 

If you love Animal Crossing it would be amazing to get a vote and hopefully one day maybe we can all share the fun of our islands together! 

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