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Cragriss Castle


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        Hello Lego fans! As a huge fan of the Lego knight series I wanted to build a Lego castle of my own. I have built and submitted other castles to Lego Ideas but this is by far my largest model. I considered building a taller more compact castle but remembering when I would stage Lego battles as a kid I always wanted more room to put knights on the walls and in the courtyard. As this was designed to be a playable model the castle does not have a lot of interior detail.  

This model includes:
 - four men-at-arms
 - a knight
 - a blacksmith
 - a ballista
 - two crossbows
 - an assortment of helmets, armor, and swords

       Thank you for taking the time to check out this model, with your help knights can rule again!

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