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Health Care Professionals


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With this creation I want to show some important health care professions. A lot of different jobs are shown at this page, but I couldn´t find work with people.

I think the explanations of different working areas at a hospital give a high educational benefit and help children to handle disease.

This scenes show common types of therapies at the department of Neurology. Neurological diseases like strokes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson´s disease, migraine, epilepsy, dementia, tension headache and other forms of neurological dysfunctions are usually medicated at this section.


Neuropsychologist: This profession makes the diagnosis of possible cognitive defects by using different types of computer- or paper-pencil-tests. If functions of the logical reasoning are reduced, people get a cognitive rehabilitation there. They also can speak about their worries and get relaxation by using the biofeedback on the computer.

Includes: testing/rehabilitaton computer, paper-pencil-test in a suitcase, tissue box, stop watch,                   male patient, female psychologist

Physiotherapist: This profession trains muscular functions and helps people to get out of the wheelchair and walk again (for example after a stroke).

Includes: wall bars, medicine ball, stairs, wheelchair with table, male patient, female physiotherapist

Music Therapist: This profession activates and stimulates brain areas by using music.

Includes: monitored sickbed, male music therapist with a guitar, female patient

Clinic Clown: Last but not least helps humor on the way to get well!


The scenes are built on 6x6 base plates. Altogether this set contains 171 parts.


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