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Modular Fast Food Outlet


This is my latest model, the Modular Fast-Food Outlet. It is a 3-story building, with a drive-through at ground level, a kitchen on the first floor and a dine-in area on the second floor. They are connected by a dumb-waiter (controlled by protruding blue plate) which allows the food to be moved between floors.

  • The drive-through: the drive through has space for a small car. There is a menu board and a microphone/speaker on one side, and a collection window on the other.the direction of travel is easily visible.
  • The kitchen: the kitchen is accessed by a door on the first landing of the stair case. Inside there are four ovens/stoves, a coffee machine and a deep-fryer. there is access to a  cool-room, where food is kept. The controls for the dumb waiter are on this floor. On the outside of this floor are two large, brick-built logos.
  • The dine-in area: there are four tables in the dine -in area, three seating two people each, and one that seats four people.there is a large counter in-front of the dumb-waiter, and there are sauces available (mustard and ketchup).
  • There are many different meals available, which can be found on the menu image.
  • there are six minifigures ( two chefs, two servers, two customers).

The building is owned by the Burger Bros. 

Please support, and comment any minor criticism, so that i can fix problems/better inform you.

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