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Tractor with butterfly grass mower

Lego Technic tractor with butterfly mower

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Building level: 9397 and 8053 Technic sets
Price range: 50€~70€
Development time: 2 months

I have always loved building tractors so now I decided to build one for Lego Cuusoo. Not because Lego doesn't build tractors but because they build tractors with only a few functions.

The equipment is this time a 3-mower system with rotating blades. Farmers uses these tools to cut the grass for forage harvesting. The grass will be stored and in the winter be used for the cattle.

The tractor has all functions that a tractor must have: front and rear 3-point hitch, front and rear PTO and a 4-inline piston engine. The PTO is the power take off for the tractor: it gives energy to the tractors equipments. In this case I added one mower on the front and 2 on the rear. This configuration is called the 'butterfly' mower due to the characteristic shape. The PTO can be turned on and off and has 2 possible speeds. Therefore this model has a driving ring system in it and it was quite hard to create a simple solution there.

I estimate it to have the same difficulty level as the 9397 Technic set. I think the price is about €50~€70 because it does not contain any Power Functions elements.

The tractor uses the largest possible wheels and tyres, the same as the 8284 Technic set. The front three point hitch is operated by a small knob on the front of the bonnet, the rear three point hitch is operated by the right flashlight on the cabin (you can see the axle leading to it). I have added many details like lights, mirrors, fuel tanks and so on. The PTO can move or turn extremely heavy loads. Three mowers draw a significant amount of power from it, it didn't slip once.

You could say this tractor look likes a very specific tractor brand, in fact the brand I usually build. This time I did not add stickers or brand names to avoid license problems. It might be a Case IH or a Massey Ferguson tractor but that is not important for this purpose.

The mower would in reality have a width of 9 metres. Of course, with this width you can not transport it. Therefore the 2 rear mowers are lifted by the black gear at the right of the rear mower. Also on this photo: the mowers are supported by small 'field wheels' that follow the outlines of the landscape. The mowers have moving blades that can turn at 2 different speeds. The speed selector is at the right of the tractor. To prevent friction, drive lines for the PTO have been kept simple.

A problem that occurs is: what will happen if a child puts its fingers between two blades? My answer is: nothing. The blades are made of thin liftarms (not sharp) and, as a built-in safety measure, the black gears will immediately slip. Of course, they will not slip when the blades hit the carpet. So it is a realistic and safe machine: in reality those safety measures are common, to prevent damage from unexpected obstacles, such as stones or branches.

The tractor can of course have more equipment. Another one I built was a small 2-axle dump kipper. It features an automatic openable rear door and it tips over when you turn the black gear on the left of the kipper. It has also pendular axles and it is connected to the tractor with 1 towball hitch. The towball hitch enables a trailer to move in 2 directions instead of 1, so good for rough terrain. This dump trailer would be a good option if the mowers don't pass through the test.

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