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Glens Waterfall Proposal

August 2015, Myself, Fiancee and Father took a trip to Northern Ireland to spend a few days away and visit family, during the trip I suprised my Fiancee by proposing to her under a waterfall.

Ive designed this set to try replicate this beautiful forest location hidden away within the Glens of Antrim, a crystal clear river that runs through the Glens, briefly settling in a pool before continuing down the hills surrounded by lush green forest. 

Throughout our trip I took along minifig versions of myself and partner for some fun photos at various locations, including the proposal, which was also caputred on camera by my father. This has led to my partner wanting to include some LEGO to the theme of our Wedding next year (2018), which has prompted me to come up with this design as a nice display piece.

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