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Star Wars: Mini Y-Wing

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"The Y-Wing is the workhorse of the rebel fleet; it's not quick or flashy, but it gets the job done. The armour on this ship is extensive and the shields will protect you from just about anything, which is good - because you won't be going anywhere fast."

I really like the buildable galaxy line Lego has going at the moment. The models are great, often having a surprising amount of detail and accuracy for such small builds.

BUT... there is no Y-Wing!!

Surely, such a popular ship deserves to have its own mini kit?
I thought so, so I built one.
With your support, maybe we can convince Lego to do the same.

Above is an LDD screensot showing the Y-Wing with a pilot minifigure, in the style of the buildable galaxy sets. Please excuse Gold Leader's hat hair - I couldn't find a rebel helmet in LDD.

Below is the 'set' constructed for real, with an edited ID plate. The real set wouldn't be offered with Yavin 4, as this is bundled with the X-Wing.

Another thing I'd like to see is more Expanded Universe stuff produced by Lego - including in the buildable galaxy line - so maybe the Y-Wing could come with Sullust or Kile II, from the Rogue Squadron series?

The Y-Wing on it's own is roughly 12cm long, 6cm wide, and 3cm high.

The set as shown would consist of 105 parts in total, which is comparable to the existing sets so the price point would also be the same.

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