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Cosmos Prototype Starcruiser


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Help celebrate the legacy and future of Lego Space and bring this project to life!

The Cosmos Prototype Starcruiser is a tribute to the Futuron/Exploriens era of Lego Space! I wanted to design a space ship similar to those of the 1980s and 1990s and have always liked the wedge-shaped designs of past Space themes. This led me to create a design in the spirit of those ships while using as many original elements as I could. Color choices were highly influenced by the aforementioned themes and adding the Classic Space logo was icing on the cake.

The Cosmos is a new starship with unique engineering elements not seen before in other starships. It's meant primarily for exploration and testing. Six engines produce untold amounts of thrust, thus making the Cosmos one of the fastest ships ever recorded. The design is also modular so the ship can separate into two parts if needed. Due to a lack of onboard airlocks, this is only meant for use in an emergency.

Inside, the Cosmos comes with plenty of screens and readouts to monitor the engines and other critical components. There's seating for all crewmembers, a pair of beds, and a full display for the pilot. A sliding door is located at the back for easy access. Windows are minimal although the largest ones are with the pilot's seat and above the central control area. The blue tint is yet another nod to Futuron/Exploriens.

Three minifigures are included, dressed in a mix of 1980s Space designs. You'll also find a number of tools onboard fix the ship and a couple weapons, since you never know who you might run into!

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