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BTTF - Biff Tannen's Ford

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Hi, everyone! I'm Masashi, a founder of Team BTTF. I present, for your consideration, Biff Tannen's Ford. This MOC and Minifigures were built by Sakuretsu.

In the Back to the Future trilogy, Biff Tannen's car manufactured by Ford during the 1940s. He owns a 1946 version that is a convertible, painted black, with a red interior. He is the only person who knows the trick to starting the ignition.

I wish to have their Minifigures, Biff Tannen and his gang (Match, 3-D and Skinhead) as well! If you like this, please support this project!


Masashi, Founder of Team BTTF


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Biff Tannen and his gang (Match, 3-D and Skinhead), mini figures from BTTF 1-2


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Marketing & PR by Masashi Togami, Samples built by Sakuretsu

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