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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


This lego set is based on the six main games in the Phoenix Wright: Ace attorney franchise and one of the spinoffs called Apollo Justice ace attorney. While the court room has many versions of it I picked the virsion from the first game. The courtroom consists of a Defence and Prosocution tables for the attorney of your choice, a Witness stand for the witness of your choice aswell and of course the judges stand for the included judge. The characters that would be included in order of the pictures would be Mia Fey,Phoenix Wright,Miles Edgeworth,Larry Butz,Lotta Hart,Apollo justice,Athena Cykes,Mya fey,Franziska von Karma,Wendy Oldbag,April May,Bellboy and the Judge. This is my first full fledge creation so its probably not that good as some of the others.

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