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Elemental Robot Team


This colorful team is full of different elements; Red represents fire, White represents sky, Yellow represents lightning, Green represents earth, and Blue represents water. And yes, their names are their color and element; RedFire, WhiteSky, YellowLightning, BlueWater, and GreenEarth. Each of them also have different personalities, RedFire is arrogant, WhiteSky is a smart genius, YellowLightning is sassy, BlueWater is a clumsy fool, and GreenEarth is kind and positive. But in the end they gt the job done. While each of them can teleport through their respective elements, they each have special abilities; RedFire the ability to turn into a fireball, WhiteSky the ability to fly and turn invisible, YellowLightning the ability of super speed, BlueWater the ability phase through objects, and GreenEarth the ability to increase in size.

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