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Modern Villa in Ruins

Modern Villa in Ruins
A unique blend of contemporary architecture and historical decay. This set was meant to capture the idea of creative preservation. Juxtaposition of two worlds, that breeds uniqueness…

removable sections


The inspiration for this set came from beautiful ruins of Scotland. A small, abandoned structure will never attract thousands of tourists, compared to a grand castle, but it does not mean there isn’t any history behind it …and what better way to preserve than bring it back to life by using it as a base for a modern villa.

skylight shower 

The set:
Apart from the looks, the other key element is playability. You can remove the roof, the tower and even the mezzanine with the bed. Let your minifigures bake a croissant in a fully furnished kitchen, wash in a stunning shower with sky access or watch the stars through the telescope found in the living room. The set additionally contains a squirrel, two birds and a micro recreation of the Statue of Liberty LEGO set ;) It uses 2813 pieces.
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