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Gleaming Golem

Gleaming Golem
The Gleaming Golem is a treasure hording creature who once a year emerges from its cave and steals one piece of treasure from surrounding towns and villages.

Why did I build it?
I was inspired to build this based on medieval history and some mythical creatures explained there, it kind of reminds me of a smaller version of one of the rock giants from the book the hobbit which I am currently reading with my dad. I think it's really posable and fun to play with, and with all the pegs and attachment locations it can create a lot of opportunity to mix and match treasure pieces and whatever other creations you have in mind. I wish I had the ability to print out a sticker and do some graphic artwork for its face, but instead I created one to represent cracked stone on his face with a cracked stone scare across his left eye.

Why I think this would be a great set?
I think the medieval sets are really great but have an evil bad guy or monster would be a really cool addition, that's why I created this monster.

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