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Modular Crab Shack


Something smells fishy.

While it may be the smallest modular building I have ever built, don't be fooled by its size. Craig's Crab Shack is stuffed with detail! This single story seafood joint has a fully stocked kitchen and cozy dining area. With only two tables, it can be hard to get a seat. Luckily, there is plenty of entertainment outside.

Don't eat the candy from the dispenser, it's actually fish food! With some spare change, you can get a clawful of food to feed the fish over the dock. Try not to fall in though, but if you do, there's plenty of life rings nearby. When you finally get a seat, you can look out into the ocean through the big windows while you wait again for your food to be ready. While you keep wondering "what's taking Craig so long?", you can glance over at the kitchen.

Busy at work, Craig walks quickly back and forth through the crowded kitchen searching for that one ingredient. He has everything he needs - a sink, a stove, a phone, and plenty of containers scattered around. Now if only he could stay organized. After you finished your meal, you noticed the outside lamps turned on. Well, most of them. Craig's is an old building, in more ways than one! It was actually built in 2015 and was modeled to be a renovated run-down restaurant. Two technic pins connect it to other buildings, making this a nice stop for your modular layout.

Now what are you waiting for!? Oh, your food. Sorry about that. Where was I?

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