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The Blue Dolphin


The Blue Dolphin

This ship is captained by a fierce pirate lass! Her ship may be smaller and carrying less firepower than some other vessels, but speed and maneuverability can be just as effective.


  • Blue dolphin figurehead
  • 4 cannon-ports on each side, with 4 cannons
  • 2 swivel guns (mini-cannons) on each side of the deck, 2 per side
  • Captain's cabin with desk, dresser, and treasure chest
  • Treasure and rum storage in the hold of the ship
  • Removable deck and cabin roof to reveal interiors
  • 5 minifigures
  • Just over 1,000 pieces

The ship is designed for a total of 3 sails:

  • 1 triangular sail 17 x 20 (as seen on the Imperial Flagship set #10210-1) mounted between 3 chains on the bow
  • 2 sails 28 x 18 (as seen on the Imperial Flagship set #10210-1), 1 mounted on each mast

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