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Beach Shops


I love going to the beach, It’s super fun and I’ve had many great experiences there. This model is inspired by the fun beaches I have been to, and would be a popular LEGO set because of how many people enjoy the beach. 

My model is of a beach and the shops near the shore. The water is made of sand blue plates and light translucent blue tiles, with translucent 1x1 slopes to represent the water’s movement. On the water, there is a buoy and a dolphin, along with a water skier and boat. The sand against the water is made of tan plates and has a palm tree, volleyball net, and table. 

There are three shops and a surfboard storage area. The surfboard storage area is the smallest, brown area. The first shop is the light green souvenir shop. It has fun beach souvenir items inside, and a small deck on the roof. Next is the smoothie shop, which has curved orange pieces as details, and brick separators making up the roof. Inside, there is a blender, some cups, and the ingredients for smoothies. Last is the swim shop, where snorkeling gear can be acquired. There are fins, goggles, and maps to see the best snorkeling and swimming spots. 

I hope you like my beach shops model!

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