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A project for Lego fans and cat lovers!
This set includes 2 lovely cats made with Lego bricks~ 🐈

I love both cats and LEGO, so why not put the two together, see what happens ✨

I would love having Lego cats in my home, and I think a lot of people would want the same thing~
There are 2 coat patterns included:
  • Ginger cats are known for their friendliness and being chill. They are usually male and enjoy their person’s company. They are also known for their appetite compared to other cats (think Garfield). They are always tabby cats because the gene coding for ginger color also links to the tabby coat pattern.
  • Tuxedo cats are famous for their “cattitude”. A tuxedo cats would let you know exactly what it wants, and response to human affection better when it initiates contact. The term “tuxedo” comes form their unique coat pattern, with white fur on the chest and feet, looking just like a well-tailored tuxedo suit~✨
  • I included these two because they look great together and have a good contrast on temperament (lovely ginger vs bossy tuxedo).

  • Both models have posable heads and tails. Both are in sitting position. (I think cats are super cute when they are sitting straight and looking at you all curious🥰)
  • The cat eyes are the only printed parts. The tabby and tuxedo patterns are made by careful arrangement of Lego bricks :)
  • Part count: 733 (Tuxedo), 752 (Ginger tabby)
  • Size: 10 x 17 x 25 cm / 4 x 6.8 x 9.7” (W x L x H)
If you want to bring these cute kitties home, please support the project by hitting the “Support” button!
Sharing the project also helps~

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