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Another day at the Zoo


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Hello Visitor,


Welcome at the zoo!

After getting the tickets at the entrance, you can see the ostriches, go to the right to see our parrots and monkeys. Pet our starfish and crabs. Continue into the glass tunnel in our aquarium and walk between the rays, sharks, fish and several other sea-inhabitants. Can you spot the hidden treasures? At the end of the tunnel, you will see our dangerous cobra! Our chameleons and poisonous frogs inhabit the half-round paludaria. A large spider is living underneath the penguin-enclosure. Go on top of the platform to have a good look at the penguins and ostriches. If you are on time you can see them getting fed! Grab some lunch at the hot-dog-stand and eat ice-cream on the terrace. Need some restrooms? You can find them in the corner next to the parrots!


Enjoy your day at the zoo!


To increase playability all buildings with a roof can be opened and easily accessed. The set consists of 4 employees, several visitors, enclosures with several animals (ostriches, penguins, a spider, a cobra, frogs, chameleons, fish, crabs, starfish, a shark, a ray, a sawfish, a monkey, and parrots), several plants, benches, a hot-dog-stand with hotdogs and several liquid and frozen beverages, a toilet, and of course an office/ticket sale.


I created this set, because I love animals, I enjoy a day at the zoo and wanted everyone to be able to do so from their homes! I hope this set increases the love of animals and wildlife, improves the creativity and gives people as much fun building it as I had designing it!

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