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Yugoslav Kiosk K67

In my room filled with colorful bricks, I carefully put together different pieces of LEGO to build my very own version of the Kiosk K67. My creation combines both my passion for LEGO and my heritage being born in Yugoslavia. The beauty of LEGO is to (re)build whatever you like. For some this might be invented creatures and worlds, for me it is the Kiosk K67. Once designed by Saša Janez Mächtig during the days of Yugoslavia, this masterpiece is a symbol of community and belonging. Holding the LEGO version of the Kiosk K67 today in my hands, to me it is above all a time capsule taking me back to the time I was born, my youth and my first kiss. 

With each snap and click, the kiosk took shape. Its red and white exterior stood out, complete with a cute awning and tiny doors and windows. As I built, I imagined the stories this little kiosk could tell — maybe it was a bustling spot in the busy city of Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana or Sarajevo or a quaint stand in a charming neighborhood of a small town on the Adriatic coast. In this case it would tell stories of regular people passing by, buying newspapers, smoking a cigarette or discussing politics before hustling to work. But it could also be the remake of the famous version that still stands at MOMA in NYC. Intellectuals and tourists would carefully examine it each day in an attempt to tell their very own memory or view on what this Kiosk, that is so very different than any other, means to them. 

I have created two different ones. The white one is imagined as a newspaper stand and the red one as a fast food burger place.

The joy of assembling this set was not just about the bricks — it was about the adventures I could create within this miniature world. The Kiosk K67 became a symbol of boundless creativity of Yugoslav architecture and industrial production, a reminder that even the simplest things can spark incredible stories.

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