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House of a Mad Inventor

Hello everyone, 
I would like to introduce to you: the house of a mad inventor. This build contains a 3 story house with a small shed connected to it.

In the shed, the inventor is working on a robot which is hooked to the computer in the first room of the house. This first room contains a small kitchen, a technical crane and some shelves with all sorts of scientific curiosities.

On the first floor is a workbench, a computer which is linked to the antenna on the roof of the shed, a radar to keep an eye on his surroundings, a workbench and a bed, because genius people never stop working!

On the top floor is an alchemy table where the inventor subtracts energy from some mysterious green gems, these energy sources also power his computer. This process produces nasty fumes, this is why the top floor has a solid air conditioning system. On the balcony is a telescope.

On the highest roof of the house, the inventor is growing a biologically unknown plant. While on the ground floor he is growing the very known unwanted weeds, all around his house. Of course a gifted genius like himself shouldn't have to waste his time, doing stuff like gardening.

The build contains 2 minifigures: the inventor and the robot. It also contains a robot on wheels, which is in the front lawn.

It is made up of 1172 pieces.

Thanks for reading!!

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