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Blade and the Vampire Plague

Ok, so this is the idea. Michael Morbius, who accidentally turned himself into a vampire, has decided to turn the rest of New York into vampires as well. He develops an airborn strain of the vampire virus and builds a machine to release it on the people of New York. Upon discovering his plan, Blade rushes to stop him and save the city before the plague spreads. This is an abandoned building Morbius uses for his experiments.
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Added: Dead tree, more bats, an owl and sconce lighting inside.
Added2: Doubled size and building now folds closed.

This is the backside. The inside of the building. It has see through glass windows on the first and second floors and black windows in Morbius' room. It also has science equipment, stairs and sconces. This set would included Michael Morbius, Blade and two vampire bat figures. Blade also comes with a motorcycle, a sword, a syringe of his syrum, and an ultra violet flashlight.

This is the front and side view of the building when closed. All elements( stairs, sconces, etc.) remain functional.

On top is the weapon used to release the virus. The top is actually bushes colored see through red. The middle piece of the machine rotates.

(Above) Morbius and Blade from Spiderman (1994)

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