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The Music Box - A Laurel And Hardy Tribute


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For nearly 100 years the comedy duo of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy have entertained the world with their slapstick comedy films made throughout the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.

Perhaps one of their most recognised short films is “The Music Box”. Winner of the first ever Academy Award for Live Action Short (Comedy) at the 1932 awards ceremony, and deemed so important that it was added to the American National Film Registry for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

In this tribute model, the hapless duo have started their own business - the Laurel and Hardy Transfer Company - and are attempting to deliver a large, heavy piano to a house at the top of a long flight of steps. A series of mishaps sees the piano crate roll back down the steps several times - with Ollie pulled along on two occasions, sees Stan encounter a nursemaid and Ollie have a run in with Professor Theodore von Schwartzenhoffen.

Recreated here to honour the lasting influence of Laurel and Hardy on comedy and cinema, this model is based on the iconic steps that they attempt to climb - several times.

The model begins with a sturdy base plinth onto which five separate areas are constructed;

  • A footpath (sidewalk) runs along the front of the plinth at the base of the steps.
  • The side of a house on the right-hand side of the plinth, with garage doors, sloping tile overhang, patio area and tiled roof.
  • A vegetation border running between the house and the steps.
  • An area of sloping grass to the left of the steps.
  • The steps themselves; featuring two landings.

In addition to the five constructed areas, also included in this project are;

  • A Stan Laurel minifigure in his trademark dungarees, bowtie and bowler hat. A tousled ginger hairpiece is also included for Mr. Laurel for when he is not wearing his hat.
  • An Oliver Hardy miniature in his trademark dungarees, necktie and bowler hat. A smooth black hairpiece is also included for Mr. Hardy for when he is not wearing his hat.
  • A moustached Professor Theodore von Schwartzenhoffen minifigure, wearing a smart three-piece suit, monocle, top hat and cane.
  • A nursemaid minifigure in a blue dress and apron, carrying a glass bottle of milk, and pushing a perambulator with a baby.
  • A piano, held safely within a crate. The crate itself can be opened up, and the piano removed from it.
  • A “The Music Box. Laurel and Hardy. Released 1932” plaque for the front of the set, coloured to look like a sepia title and written in a font representative of the 1930s.
  • A hat stand that can be used to rest the bowler hats on when the minifigures of Stan and Ollie are displaying their hair. (This stand is similar in design to the hatstand that appears on opening title cards in many of their movies).

Note: The minifigures in these images have been designed in Studio using regular parts (with the exception of adding a small bowtie and a small necktie to the torsos of Stan and Ollie).

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