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Nikola Tesla’s Laboratory


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Tesla's Lab

I am excited to share with you my minifigure scale diorama of Nikola Tesla’s Laboratory in Colorado Springs, CO circa 1900.

The iconic image of Nikola Tesla calmly sitting in a chair reading a book with high voltage electricity flashing around him served as inspiration for this build. I'm fascinated by the life and accomplishments of Nikola Tesla and wanted to bring that to Lego.

From a few images I worked out this diorama highlighting some key bits of machinery that are clear. I took some liberty adding in details of possible workstations and shelves in the corners of the room to add to the practicality of the space. I also included a mini build model of Tesla’s Remote Controlled boat, which was the first of its kind!

Numerous inventions and technologies we use and often take for granted today are owed to Nikola Tesla's forward thinking and futuristic spirit. My hope is that this model serves as a spring board for people of all ages to learn more about this amazing individual and his contributions to our everyday life, along with being an enjoyable build, and historical display piece.

Set Features:
  • Nikola Tesla Minifigure
  • RC Boat mini-build and control station
  • "Lightning" accessories to recreate that iconic, exciting, eye-catching display!
  • Back wall opens up for easy access to the many laboratory details
  • Accurate recreation of Tesla's experiments from his Colorado Springs laboratory

I invite you to dive into the images to see the details throughout and enjoy this piece of history recreated in Lego form. Thank you all for your support and for sharing.

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