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Wrestling Theme

My idea is for a LEGO theme based on professional wrestling. In an ideal situation, the theme would be in partnership with the WWE and include its feature and wrestlers. Some possible sets, regardless of WWE partnership:

Stage and ramp are with 2-4 minifigures
Ringside area with ring and 2-4 minifigures
Announcer table with 2 announcer minifigures and 1 wrestler minifigure
Battle pack with 4-8 minifigures and weapons (i.e. chairs, ladders, tables, etc.)

Some sets that could be included with a WWE partnership are the ones previously listed with WWE wrestler minifigures and arena features, as well as:

Undertaker minifigure with casket and buried alive area
TLC/Money in the Bank with 1 minifigure, 2 ladders, 2 chairs, 2 tables, 1 belt, and 1 briefcase
Large Wrestlemania arena with 4-8 minifigures
Legends minifigure collection

The possibilities are vast with the theme of professional wrestling and would provide some fun sets. I feel LEGO is a great platform for the professional wrestling theme.

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