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Winter Wonderland


Let yourself get involved in the magical Christmas atmosphere of the Winter Wonderland.
Who will arrive first in the delivery of the so expected gifts? Will Santa Claus and Befana, the Witch of Christmas, manage to reach the small village in the mountains before the fantastic steam train?

This enchanting landscape, animated by a small side crank, will leave you amazed to see moving at the same time:

  • a long steam train that enters and exits the gallery,
  • the rail crossing that is activated by the arrival of the train,
  • Santa Claus with his sleigh and Befana, the Christmas Witch, with her broom, flying over the little village to deliver gifts.

The compact model, developed on a 32x32 base, is enriched by many details:

  • the colorful mountain village, with the square and its icy fountain, the big Christmas tree and the long road to reach it along hairpin bends and tunnels,
  • the station at the bottom of the valley and the house on the lake of the frozen waterfall,
  • tens of pine trees and larches,
  • Santa Claus and Befana minifigures with their respective gifts.

Here comes, here comes the Befana!
She comes from the mountains in the deep of the night
Look how tired she is! All wrapped up
In snow and frost and the north wind
Here comes, here comes the Befana!

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