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Mindgem Transport Chase


Behold! the Mindgem!

The most powerful of all the mystical made up gems! It has the power to amplify the brain waves and thoughts of whoever touches it. ( Imagine screaming everything you are thinking of but blurting it out without your control)

Fear of unleashing such unfathomable mind-bending power unto humanity, the heads of the world has decided to secure it in a fully custom automated transport vehicle. Equipped with radar, off-road capabilities, a state of the art A.I. robot brain, a near-infinite fusion engine, and an HD camera system, it has the capability to randomly plot its GPS coordinates so no one will know its location. 

Top speed: 200 mph
wheels: 6 + 1 spare

Of course such power does not go unnoticed, and Bill, is trying to chase the transport to unleash its true power. His plan, track and chase the vehicle down, and get his girlfriend to touch it , while simultaneously asking one of the hardest mysteries ever asked by AFOLs everywhere: "Is that new lego set hidden in the closet for me?"

Help Bill discover his destiny.

Set Includes:

  • The "Mindgem" (yep, its the orange translucent rock in the middle of the transport)
  • Bill 
  • Laura (Bill's Girlfriend)
  • A trolly with wheels
  • Random things like bones and a saw and a crowbar (no crowbar in picture)


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