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A Humble Home

This build is a home for Jane and her dog, Patrick. The reason I built it is that I think it would make a very fun build to play with, and it is also a very picturesque house to look at and admire.

Outside is a tree with yellow flowers. Next to the tree, leaning against the house, is a bicycle that Jane rides to work on every day. In front of the house is a bird stand with a bird feeder and a bird house. Lining the front of the house are bushes with pink flowers.

The downstairs consists of a living room and kitchen. In the living room, there is a mat (for Patrick to lay on), a chair, a fireplace and some fire wood, and on the wall there is a Cuckoo-clock. Across from the living room, there is the kitchen and the dining room. In the kitchen, there is an oven and a counter. In the dinning room, there is a table with a bench beside it. Between the kitchen and the living room, there is a staircase leading upstairs.

Upstairs, there is a table in the corner next to the stairs with a vase of flowers on it. On the opposite side of the room is Jane's work table. Next to Jane's work table, there is a bookshelf full of books. Next to the bookshelf, there is a dresser, and right beside the dresser, there is a box filled with old pictures. Across from the dresser is a bed.

I really hope you like this build! I welcome any suggestions on what I could change, and also what your favorite part is!

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