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Lego Office

This set is a way I have chosen to describe everyday life. It’s an ordinary day, an ordinary office, and an ordinary shouting boss. This set consists of 4 floors, Ground(Entrance, waiting area, reception), First(boss office), Second (conference hall), Third (office working area) floors, with 11 minifigures, including a security guard, a secretary, the boss, a visitor, and workers. This set also includes a parking, with vehicles for employees. The two buildings are placed on two 32x32 plates, and can be placed one behind the other when not in use, using two black technic pins and 1x1technic bricks with holes. This set includes more than 10 accessories, which can be used with any of the minifigures in the set, including mugs, printed 1x2 and 2x2 plates, telephones, laptops and suitcases.
I think this creation would make a great set, as it sums up the experiences of everyday life on a desk job. It would also make a great set as it would be fun to play with, as it includes elements from real life. 

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