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Human Head Model


For years, people have been intrigued by the complex human head. The way that the brain works, the hard, protective skull, who would not be interested in this? And what would look better as a LEGO set!?

This complex replica of the human head is made up of three parts; the head with moving eyebrows and eyes, the skull with rolling eye sockets and a strange and slightly creepy smile, and of course, who could forget about the stubborn brain? All of these parts are tucked inside each other, somewhat like a matroyshka doll. The brain inside of the skull, and the skull inside of the head. The hand on the display stand reads "Human Head Model", and the set comes with an exchangeable hand for the skeleton. 

If you enjoy science, learning, or just lying down on the couch putting together a fun-filled LEGO model, please support this project! Thank you!

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