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This is the Interceptor, a new class of universal aerospace vehicle that can operate either in space, or in a planet's atmosphere.

This configuration is an asteroid hunter, equipped with 6 cannons, 3 guns and 10 rockets to destroy stray asteroids, and is equipped with mines that can be dropped into their path or onto their surface to divert them.

There's also a claw underneath that can carry a non-destructive payload that can be released to dock with an asteroid, to either take samples or provide thrust to divert its path.

All of the weapons are movable, the gun turret can swivel and tilt, the cannons underneath can tilt downwards, and the rockets on the side can tilt upwards and be fired by flicking the back of them.  The mines (the twin yellow barrels under the back) can be released by pressing the shaft up on the deck.

The claw under the back can be released from above by squeezing the tops of the legs, just in front of the engines,

Other configurations would include a bush fire water bombing aircraft, fitted with water and foam cannons, water barrels and a water tank in the back. 

These and other configurations can be found on Flickr here

The model contains 1130 bricks.


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