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The Fairly OddParents: Timmy's Room


It's a Set based on Nickelodeon's Cartoon "The Fairly OddParents". It has 154 Bricks. You can play scenes of the series or you can invent new. You can built this set in two different ways:

1. Before Timmy's wish: The Set on the main Picture. Vicky attacks Timmy, he is hiding hehind his bed. Cosmo and Wanda fly over Timmy and Vicky.

2. After his wish: Timmy wished Vicky into a cage. Cosma and Wanda fly beside the cage. Timmy lies on bed.

I'd built this set becaus I'm a big LEGO and Nickelodeon Fan. The most The Fairly OddParents-Fans are too young to go to internet, so I hope that my set become known. Another reason why I built this set is: Earlier I hate the series becaus the TV Channle repeated the same episodes evertime (They lost the licens for new episodes). But now, on the reals Nickelodeon Channel, they show new episodes. Now I like the series.

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