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Mini - Tool Time


Update #18: No Tool Time, but time to expire...

I want to thank everyone who has supported and shared this project. Well, time flies and we have only 7 days left. 

But maybe Tim comes back soon to give it another try, who knows? 

<3 nunki-psi



Update #17: 900+ supports!

I salute you!

Thank you very much for all the supports so far! Only 98 votes left to time extension, just a little bit MORE POWER is needed! ;)

If this project reaches 1000 supports, I´ll create another funny scene of the show.

The final version of the set is shown in update #10 below.



Update #16: 800 supports!

With all your great help, Mini - Tool Time already gathered 800 supports! There is hope for time extension! 


I want to remind you, that the final version of the set is shown below (update #10). 

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Update #15: first aid kit

I realized that there is one important accessory missing: a first aid kit!

So, there it is. Do you remember episode 15 of season 1: "Super Glue"? I did a little fun scene to show you the first aid kit! :D

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Update #14: Thank you!

This project reached 700 supporters today!

Many thanks to all of you! =)

Please keep an eye on update #10 and watch my other projects as well.

Another project is actually awaiting approval!


Update #12: 3 panic-stricken faces!

You find the big update of the set below (update #10). Here is another picture with 3 panic-stricken faces! :)


Update #11: Do you know what time it is?

03.05.2015: 600 supporters

Wow we´ve reached 600 supporters! This is just amazing! =)

If you haven´t already seen, check out update #10 below. I did some changes and additions on the model, any suggestions are very wellcome.


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I want to use the opportunity to highlight some projects from other builders. I think that creations are very unique, well designed and kind of adoreable. In my opinion they are underrated and deserve more attention.

Thank you for your interest! 


Update #10: MEGA-UPDATE!

Finally there it is: The big Mini - Tool Time update!

I tried to realize your and my suggestions to optimize this project. Finally I managed to include ideas, that I indeed had from the beginning, but couldn´t build because of the absence of special bricks. Well, of course some things arised by and by.

Here an overview of the whole model:

Top view:

One main thing that changed is the color of the floor. I desided to use the yellow-beige color to get a better contrast between table and floor. The atmosphere of the studio gets in my opinion more warmness by using this color. Flat tiles are added to let it look more clean, because the interior is busy enough ;)

Now the studio stands on a pedestal and the side walls of the studio are symmetric! 

A new door is added! I tried to give it the corrugated metal flair. There is a Binford logo at the ton. The pictures at the back wall show similar motives like the original show: steering wheel, 2 cottages, a home improvement calendar

Some new wall elements are used to reduce the brown brick mass. The chain saw now has a golden saw blade.

Main figures (from left to right):

1. Bob Vila - Tim´s competitor

2. Lisa - 1991-1993 Pamela Anderson played the character of Lisa - Binford´s first "Tool Girl". Now she is included! 

3. Tim Taylor - with a new colored hairpiece, I decided to keep his hair design, otherwise he would have the same wig as Al...

4. Al Borland

5. Wilson - he just has to be included - but sorry - I cannot show his face :)

Now a film crew is included: cameraman, director, sound engeneer

The horizontal light bar is adjustable.


I really hope you like the changes. I am quite happy with it! Any suggestions or comments a very welcome and appreciated.

Please stay tuned for updates in the future.

If you like this project please help to promote it by sharing, posting, tweeting, blogging and spreading the word.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update! 




Update #9: Wilson behind the fence in real bricks!


I did the Wilson scene in real bricks, I hope you like it!

Thanks to all who help to promote and support this project! Let´s get it to the first milestone!