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The Micro Home


Build Idea:

In my entire I have bought and built many Lego sets like Ninjago, Marvel, and Harry Potter. But there are many sets and series I have never bought or built I my life like architecture, creator expert, and especially any micro sets. Before the school year ended for the summer I need a new creation to build before it started so I decided to build a home for people, but no ordinary house but a micro house. I always admire micro builds for how small they are and how much detail they have in it so I knew I had to get this right. This would be my first micro build, so it took weeks of planning in my head to get it right and now here it is.

Build Info:

The entire build is built in a 32x32 baseplate. The home is a two floor house three if you count the roof. The house has two bed rooms, two bathrooms, laundry room, garage, living room, kitchen, and dining room. The house has a backyard with sprinklers, small shed, doggy door, and one cactus. The build contain seven regular micro figures and one skateboarding micro figure.

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