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German Steam Locomotive


German Steam Locomotive

A tribute to LEGO set 7750 from 1980.

With this locomotive I wanted to built my tribute to one of the best train set ever produced by LEGO, the 7750 from 1980.

I was not enough born when they made this, but when I was young I Always looked at the images on the catalogs. And I still do it.

I have built this locomotive looking at some images found on the web, some real locomotives and some models of the DB 012.

Otherwise from my other locomotives, I have built this one without any digital project.

Should be around 700 parts but I'm not sure. I'm sure this will be a great addiction to any LEGO city and diorama.

Surely there would be some details to be finalized by more  train-experienced people than me.

I made it to display, so this is not enough motorized, but it could be simply adding a motor to the tender.

I hope You like and support it.

If You joined this project, please take a look (and support if You like them) at my other projects on LEGO Ideas.



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