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"Nick's Knacks" Magic Merchant Wagon

Inspired by classic LEGO cart sets like Dragon Wagon and Wizard's Cart, "Nick's Knacks" is a traveling magical merchant stocked to the brim with wondrous and sometimes dubious artifacts. Nick's many movable parts and multiple display modes make it perfect either as a standalone playset or as an integrated addition to an existing fantasy/castle collection.

The main hatch on the right side of the wagon opens on a hinge to reveal a cluttered collection of spooky and valuable wares. The kit's maps, skulls, gems, potions, and other trinkets can easily be exchanged with the owner's favorite LEGO treasures, but as is, the shop's layout allows for the hatch to fold up and fully close without removing any of the pieces, including the box of mushrooms and table on the hatch itself. A ladder folds down from the hatch so that rubes - ahem, customers - can walk up to browse. But how are said customers drawn over to the wagon? The left side of Nick's cart is a bone-littered cage containing a ferocious dragon: a captivating sideshow (or perhaps a pricey piece of merchandise to the right buyer).

The back of the wagon boasts the Nick's Knacks decorative sign, with the name on one side and a potion bottle logo on the other. It also contains a back room with barrels and buckets of merchandise, a few spare coins to make change, and a chamber pot for... well... "going" on the go. The front of the wagon has a covered driving area complete with a driver's seat, travel snacks, and a whip for when Nick's skeletal horses act like a couple of lazybones. The driving area and roof are covered in blue and purple shingles that Nick will get around to fixing... eventually.

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