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Monumento De La Independencia


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Monument to Independence
The Monument to Independence (monumento a la independencia) is an iconic monument placed in Mexico City. Was designed by Antonio Rivas Mercado and built in 1910 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mexico´s Independence. Some of the greatest national heroes are buried inside the base of the monument, like for example Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla "Father of the Nation", José María Morelos y Pavón, Vicente Guerrero (First President of Mexico), etc.
Pieces: 1207
Size: 24x24x88.8
The main feature of the monument is the "Ángel", a 22 ft tall Nike (greek goddess of victory) statue made of bronze and covered with 24k gold. It represents Nike holding a broken chain (freedom) in the left hand, and a laurel crown in the right (victory). Below the statue are 4 eagles sculptures to represent Mexico, which are on the top of a 118 ft tall column. Inside the column is a two-hundred-step staircase that leads to a viewpoint above the city.
On the base of the monument are four bronze statues representing law, war, justice and peace, and a lion representing the Mexican people. On the next plataform are several marble statues:
  • Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla holding a Mexican flag.
  • Clio (the muse of history) with a book and a feather.
  • The motherland giving a laurel crown to Miguel Hidalgo.
  • Francisco Xavier Mina.
  • José María Morelos y Pavón.
  • Vicente Guerrero.
  • Nicolás Bravo.
The monument has become one of the most famous locations not only in Mexico city but in the whole country and even in the world. It´s not only a monument, it is a place where people meet to celebrate when one of the capital´s or the national football team wins, where people manifest about the problems in the country, but it is mainly a great art piece and something that represents the Mexican people since the past to the present and surely to the future.

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