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LEGO Freighter


A have always enjoyed the LEGO City theme, not least the many different ships. However, I do not remember seeing a freighter ever, which would make perfect sense under the theme, especially in unison with the goods train or some of the trucks.

The freighter I propose has an onboard crane to load and unload cargo, a cargo hold, white lanterns and a SART transponder in accordance with maritime safety regulations, planks to board the ship fire extinguisher and a cabin for the captain with bed, lamp and a chest with a sixtant in. Finally, the bridge is equipped with RADAR, a map and a coffee machine to get through the night watch.

I had to use the hull from an old firefighting ship, which is why there is a helmet and two axes on the sides of the hull. I couldn't get myself to pull off the stickers. Hope you can negate this detail in your judgement. Take a guess on what the L stands for ;)

The next step is of course to make a port for the freighter and the LEGO City, but I haven’t finished this yet.

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