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The Psych Office


Hello everyone!

I'm back with a big project! The Psych Office! This is one of my favorite tv shows, and i wanted to do it justice in lego form. At first I wasn't sure how i wanted to do it, but i ended up making a modular version, because why not? the actually building it's based on extends and has other shops and what not so i figured i would make it to allow something similar. the roof section is removable, revealing the office. I managed to fit their two desks, he couch and coffee table, a foosball table their lockers a small fridge and counter with a pineapple, etc. the reception desk area has some flowers and a water dispenser and two squares on the wall that would be the paintings of shawn and his dad for kicks and giggles. I also wanted this set to include the blueberry of course! and probably a police car. Included figures would be the four big primary characters, Shawn, Gus, Juliet, and Lassiter. This was a really fun build so i hope you enjoy! also check out my other projects down below!

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The Psych Blueberry

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Styracosaurus Skull  

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