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Knight's Village Keep


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Knight's Village Keep

Nestled in the foot hills of Gramshire, where the great river opens into the south sea we find Knight's Village Keep. Originally built during the time of the Crimson wars.  It's purpose was to guard against any incursions from the south sea.  Today a sprawling village was has been built around the old Fortress.  It houses the ruler of the village and it's great hall is the sight of numerous festivities for the village.  It stands ever ready as a shining beacon of hope and peace in this uncertain time of dragons and magic. 


Roof and upper keep can be removed similar to Modular buildings for playability. Wall in the back of the great hall moves to reveal secret entrance to the treasure cave.  Staircase moves for access behind it and the hatch at the top of the staircase opens as well as all the doors.  Contains a plethora of weapons and accessories.

5 Minifigs: Archer, Adventurer, Knight, Village Ruler, Sorceress

Approx.: 715 pieces


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