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Space Invaders Playable Arcade Game

Welcome to our 3rd Lego Ideas submission - a playable Space Invaders Arcade Game! And it's a close replica to the original arcade that came out, or at least as close as we can get it for now anyway!

The lego build, at 2,329 pieces (in version 1!), consists of a motorized vertical rotating rows of aliens, showcasing 3 different alien scenes descending down on your shooting cannon. These classic characters are sure to bring back memories! The cannon moves from left to right, controlled by a small joystick.

We built this to bring back memories from 1978 when Space Invaders was launched and changed the gaming world forever.

This idea consists of a large number of lego concepts, from technic to mosaics and we've had a blast building it over the past 6 months and we really hope you'll like it too.

Watch our trailer here

Watch our video of the motion and playability

We are working to make this a bit more efficient and perhaps a slightly smaller model based on feedback from Lego so watch this space!

This idea is a collaboration between BricksDownUnder (aka us) and and You guys are awesome, and we're glad to be a team!

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