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Classic puzzle

A classic original puzzle. Where the only thing you have to do, is put the bricks together so it ends op as a full picture.

To make this puzzle, i have used the curved brick and the round 4-brick (BRICK Ø16 W. CROSS)
In that way it will fit on lots of different ways.

Then i add the small flat bricks that will be a full picture when the bricks are put together

Then i put them together on a board.

But i found a little problem with the bricks. Because when the bricks are put together there will still be 6 holes in the middle of the full picture, so i added 6 single bricks to fill the holes out.

(There will be placed flat tiles on the 6 bricks too, acording to how the picture looks)

And then the puzzle is finished!

Right now i haven't figured out any other pictures to put on the puzzle. But i will sure make more soon. Maybe you got a good idea ?

And it could be different sizes, to make the puzzle more hard.