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Prehistoric Spider


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Hello Friends,

This is my first LEGO Ideas insect project.  The spider depicted is preparing to catch a bug.  It has four fangs, and its legs can move.  The insects legs can also move.  Prehistoric animals are awesome, and LEGO has yet to come out with a Prehistoric Spider, so, if you would like to make this a reality, please vote!

This set is a very good edition to anyone's LEGO collection, partly because of the spider and insect, and partly because the pieces are good.  This set can be for play, a shelf decoration, or can be used to make your own amazing MOC!

To spread the word please share on: Facebook, Twitter, and other LEGO or Prehistoric related sites.  Thank you!  I must say I was inspired by senteosan's - Bricksauria | Stegosauras.


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