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LEGO Department of Transportation Snowplow

It's winter again, and the snow is falling. Suddenly, a sound breaks up the peacefulness. It is a snowplow. This snow combatting vehicle can be seen in anywhere that has winter weather. With an angled plow, this vehicle removes snow quickly and effectively off of any surface that is plowing. Most snowplows have a bin at the back, that drops either salt or rocks on the road surface, intended to either melt snow and ice, or provide better traction.

What is it?
This snowplow has the angled plow and the salt bin as described above. This snowplow works almost exactly like the prototype, meaning that it is able to clear snow off of the road with the plow. It also has a door at the rear of the vehicle, in which either salt or cinders exit out of. In full operation, this vehicle can clear roads and lay down those cinders simultaneously.
Why did you build it?
I built this model because I live in an area that can get a good amount of snow every year, and I wanted my LEGO city to be the same. But if I wanted snow in my city, I wanted a removal vehicle, and thus, the idea for this project arose. I wanted the yellow and black paint scheme because I wanted a vehicle that is easily spotted, even on a cold and gusty winter day.
Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO creation?
  1. This creation is realistic. It contains a lot of life like features.
  2. This creation is functional. You can easily add this to almost any LEGO setup, and it will work like the real thing.
  3. It's unique. There aren't many LEGO sets where it is just a vehicle, especially not any LEGO sets that contain a snowplow.
Why you should support this project.
You should support this build because it would be a great addition to any LEGO city. This set is highly functional and detailed. It would make a great addition to any LEGO catalog.

Thank you for looking at my project, and I hope you support it. Thank you!

By the way, please tell your family and friends to support this project. It would mean a lot to me!

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