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Medieval Mill and Farm

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my latest entry for Lego Ideas. It's inspired by the Mill Village Raid from the old castle theme (Kingdoms), but I tried to make it a more modern and realistic version. I made this entry because I love the (classic) castle theme and I love medieval history. This set could possibly enhance the scenery for the current castle themed sets from Lego.
The classic windmill is present, built on a small slope. The mill itself is able to rotate to be able to catch the wind and when the wings of the mill turn, it sets the millstone in motion. Then there is also the barn which hosts the pigsty and a small spot for the horses to stay.
My main two additions to the original set are the chicken coop and a small entrance to the farm with a small water trough, a hitching post and a supply of firewood.
The model is around 2300 pieces and should be relatively compatible with other new castle sets from Lego.
Please let me know if you have any feedback! I'd love to know what I can do to improve my builds!

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