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J.Y.M. the Junk Yard Mecha

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"One day after school, Daniel and Jack came home to their home in the junkyard.  They both loved school, but they could do without the school bully and the daily barage of insults, shoving and name calling.  The boys wished their life was like all the superhero movies, but they knew there was no way a real superhero could rescue them, so they set out to comb the junkyard, finding parts to create their hero!"

So starts the story for Junk Yard Mecha bot, or J.Y.M, a creation made by two 11 year old friends one day after school born from their own creativity as they pilfered through a bucket of mismatched LEGO sets.  In a time when presorted, expertly crafted sets dominate the landscape, these two wanted to see if their creation could rival the masters...and what they made was so impressive, I told them they should launch it here to show other folks how to unleash their inner building skills.  No adult helped to assemble, design or come up with this idea.  The only suggestion an adult helped with was for them to build two little represetnations of themselves and stage it in a junk yard looking scene to help tell their story.  The name and design is all theirs...and with a little luck, it might be something other kids get to experiment with too!


According to the boys, here's what you should know about J.Y.M.:

  • Posable joints
  • Open cockpit for lego figure
  • 6 Working cannons
  • Detachable jet pack and tail
  • Working arm forks
  • Posable Tail
  • and it's super awesome

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