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The Mata Nui Robot and The Bionicle stars


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My first ever Lego set was Tahu from Bionicle Stars. This set was the thing that introduced me to Lego. I built this to sort of commemorate Bionicle's grand ending of generation 1. It includes 7 Minifigures from Bionicle. Tahu, Gresh, Takanuva, Mata Nui, Nectan, Rahkshi, and Skrall. It has a small battlefield holding a mini turret, and a place to hold the golden armor. The robot has interchangeable eyes, with red for Makuta, and yellow for Mata Nui. The chest can open up to reveal an area to put a Minifigure. on the robot's left arm it has a green stud shooter. the robot has arms and legs with the same points of articulation as your basic hero factory hero. This would be a great Lego set because it has the basics of your average Lego set, has 7 minifigures, and a big robot sort of combining Constraction and normal Lego. Thank you.

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