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Modular Drama Theatre (With Store And Apartment)

Hello Everyone. Here is my first Lego that I have made (for CUUSOO). This is a Modular set called The Drama Theater (With Store and Apartment). This set contains 11 minifigures (in order), 2 actors, a director, 2 Shop Assistants, A Husband and Wife for the Apartment and
4 Shoppers, Shopping and Watching the Play. Here are the details for the building

This is the first floor. This floor contains the Drama Theater. At the front, there are 3 bins, underneath the balcony, for the Apartment and Store. Inside the left door is the Box Office and a door next to it, which leads into the theater. The theater contains enough seats for everyone. To the left there is access to backstage, where there are two dressers, a cupboard for storing props and clothing, and two dressing rooms. There is also a door that leads onto the stage.

The second floor is accessible from the stairs outside the Theater. Inside the door on the balcony, is a corridor. On the left side, there are 2 doors. The first one is access to the apartment ,and the second door, which leads to a office for the director. On the right hand side are double doors that lead to the store. Inside there are many things to buy, including clothing and jewellery. There are two registers, for the workers, with computers.

The third floor is the Apartment. which is accessible from the second floor. It contains a flat screen TV and seating for 8. It has a kitchen, fully installed with cupboards,a stove and a kitchen. There is a double bed and a dining table, with six seats. At the top left hand corner is a bathroom, with shower, toilet and sink. Along the back wall are cupboards with a vast glassware range displayed on in. The stairs that go up lead to a attic with lots of space, which could be converted into anything

This is the last floor, the attic. The bricks on the left are the ones you put on top to make the roof. The Attic can be converted into anything, maybe a guest bedroom. I hope you have enjoyed my Lego. Please support my Building and any suggestions will be great. Thank You

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