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Modular Sporting Goods Store


About This Project:

This project idea is a modular sporting goods store. The store is two floors high. It is built on a 16 x 32 stud green base plate and is designed to go in between two other modular buildings. The roof, the second, and the first floors can all be separated for access inside all areas of the store. The second floor has some bikes, some tennis rackets and balls, a soccer net and ball, some hats and toques, a snowboard, basketballs and some jerseys, some weights for working out, some goggles and helmets, skis and ski poles, some ice skates and pucks, some hockey sticks and helmets with visors, and some scuba diving equipment. There is also a dartboard on the wall. On the first floor there is the surfboards, a skateboard, and some helmets. Under the stairs is the rafts and beside that is the oars and life jackets. Beside that is the hiking and mountain climbing gear like ropes, an assortment of backpacks, snowshoes, some flashlights, and some pickaxes. Under the cashier's counter is where the compasses are kept. There is also a fishing rod hanging on the wall. 

Play Features:

  • The building is modular in design.
  • The roof, the second, and the first floor can all be separated for easy access inside all areas of the store.


  • 9 minifigures including the two mannequins in the store window and a baby.
  • All accessories shown to fill the store.

If you like this set idea please support and follow. Thank you very much for your time and support.

Happy Building.


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