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Power Rangers: Bandora's Palace / Rita Repulsa's Moon Palace

After 10 000 years, she's free. It's time she conquer's Earth!

Straight out of her Space Dumpster, the evil Rita Repulsa is ready to unleash mayhem and send trouble. Power Rangers beware. Pudgy Pig, Bones, the Invenusable Flytrap and even the Evil Green Ranger is heading your way. Bandora's Palace includes the following:
  • Monsters
  • Ranger jail cells
  • The green candle
  • Other ranger candles
  • Finster's monster-matic
  • Mini clay monsters
  • Rita's space dumpster
  • Rita's observatory with RepulsaScope

I built this set in celebration of the Power Rangers 30th anniversary. I wanted a Power Rangers set to bring a smile to the young and young at heart.

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