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Dilbert: The Building


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I made this model in honor of my very first Lego Ideas model. This set is the skyscraper seen often in the Dilbert comics, and it took me a long time! There are a ton of features, so take a seat and listen: First off, each level of the office building can be removed to display the inside detail and features, or to rearrange the levels for modular play. In addition, the two platforms on the side of the building can swing out for a better display. The first platform includes a parking space marked: "Reserved for Idiots" and a car to park there with a seat for the Pointy-Haired Boss. The second platform includes a recycle bin and trash bags scattered around (Possibly hinting at The Garbageman in an update). The recycle can opens and the trash bags can be placed inside. The first level of the building includes a garbage can, table with coffee cup, and a secretary desk with computer (Possibly hinting at The Secretary for a future update). The second level includes two cubicles with coffee cups and computers, a desk with the daily news and a coffee cup, and a coffee machine (whew, that's a lot of coffee). The third level includes a meeting room with 6 seats and two coffee cups for important deals with Elbonia, and a highly dangerous experimental testing facility that is a "job requirement" for engineers. Next up, the highly detailed figures. Of course, Dilbert and Dogbert are obvious ones; you probably saw them when you clicked on this totally non-clickbait project! Then, we have Catbert, the lord of HR (of course). I also included Alice with her sleeve rolled up, readying for a fist of doom (do not get on her bad side)! Then there’s Wally, the pinnacle of non-work. Asok, the intern, is the next figure on the list. Finally, Pointy-Haired Boss, always searching for random assignments and reorgs. Whew, that was a lot of reading. You must be exhausted! Well, congrats on reading to the end. You might survive Dogbert's takeover.

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